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About Us

       Wallace Productions Inc. (WPI) is a Florida company specializing in music production, composing, arranging and  engineering of all genres of music.  Shannon Wallace is the owner and president of the company and has been in the recording business for well over twenty five years.  Experience, enthusiasm and perfection, are why you should trust your next project to WPI .  "I do not settle for second best and always look out  for the best interest of my clients".  There is a lot of personal pride in all WPI projects because "my" reputation is at stake every time someone hears "your"  music.  Wallace has produced more than 500 album projects, recorded demos of thousands of songs, wrote and co-wrote  with published, Grammy Award winning song writers, and  released international and local jingles for businesses and corporations.  In 1999  the facility was used for digital audio replacement work for actor Jim Carey on both international films "Liar Liar" and "The Truman Show".  We were also recognized in "CLIMATE", the Florida Business Magazine for outstanding new company's in the Florida Panhandle.  Congratulations to the artists that have received label signing deals with major and indie labels and charting  projects on National and International radio.  This year has started stronger than ever and we are ready to get busy.  Talent, Experience,

Quality, and Integrity are what places Wallace Productions Inc. above the rest.

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