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August  30, 2017


Michael J Thomas Nominated for Grammy Best Newcomer and Best Jazz / Soul Album, hits #1 On Charts this Week .


Baby Coffee the first single off of the "DRIVEN" project and entered Billboard @ number 30, in just one weeks time, it jumped 9 spots to number 21. Shannon Wallace was the executive producer on the "Driven" Project and a co-writer on several tracks.  He also played guitar, percussion, and wrote the horn arrangements on this exciting new release.  Shannon said..........."Michael J. Thomas and I were on the same page all the way thru the "Driven" project".  We are proud to announce 

September 06, 2017


Shannon Wallace: Studio Owner, Engineer, Audio Products Designer, Arranger, Producer,  Mastering Engineer,  Studio Musician, Handsome Devil

Shannon Wallace owns and operates Wallace Productions Inc. based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  We ......highly.... recommend recording barefoot and walking down a creative path that leads you to a global stage, where you can entertain the masses. Shannon Wallace..said :  Whatever that means......  

"If my name's not on  your project, it should be".

November 27, 2023


Meanstreet Riders: New Single – Coming soon, after signing a Sony Distribution deal

The highly anticipated tracks from High On The Hog is coming to your favorite download app and streaming service.  It will soon be available to download. The songs, about the life of people who live motorcycles, will now be able to be enjoyed by the masses.  This album translates thru all walks of life. The album has been entered into the Sirius XM System and should hit charts by the end of the month.


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We have recorded hundreds of full project and thousands of single songs at WPI Studios and only three sucked.

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