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1 Hour- 75.00 per hr.

2 Hours- 70.00 per hr.

3 Hours- 65.00 per hr.

4 Hours- 60.00 per hr.

5 Hours- 55.00 per hr.

6 Hour Day Block (300.00) or 50.00 Per hr.

All Rate Include Studio Engineer

Studio Musicians

We offer a staff of studio musicians that have worked with WPI for many years.  They are available with advance request and 50% deposit only.

Studio Musician Fees

(3 Songs or less Project) 100.00 Per Song...Per Track...Per Instrument

(3 Songs+) 50.00 Per Song.......Per Track........Per Instrument


Instrument and Equipment Rental is available upon advance request and will be quoted at the time of request.

*Food Delivery and Catering Available upon Request.  Hell, we'll even call somthing in.

*Discount Airfare and Corporate Hotel Discounts are also available upon request Chikablees.

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